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Digital Commissions

BOFFO Digital Commissions explores artists who use social media for inventive ends: to disrupt otherwise seamless flows of images, to highlight dissonances of everyday life and its distorted representations, to explore the fraught tendency of digital self-archiving, or to otherwise promote critical politics. Through this commission series, BOFFO aims to support dialogue about the possibilities and potentials of the intersection of art and social media.

“In Politics We Trust” is a Presidential Campaign social media project created by BOFFO, a nonprofit arts organization. This project provides an opportunity for artists, illustrators, and designers to create & share political campaign social media in response to the 2016 American Presidential Election. Media can be submitted for, or against (or without) any particular stance for a candidate, or address an important political issue.

This series addresses digital culture and connectivity among the social and political contexts of contemporary Cuba. Participating artists employ a wide range of conceptual and formal strategies in order to speculate on the horizons of social media in a country that has historically had highly restricted access to open Internet. What does it mean to utilize social media in an artistic practice, in this time and place? When a social technology is so widespread and influential in so many other places across the world, but not yet a significant part of Cuban culture—how might artists anticipate and affect the eventual proliferation of social media across Cuba?

Five new commissioned projects made especially for Instagram debuting September 15, 2015 on @boffo_ny, with a new project every Monday. Featuring: Yoko Ono, K8 Hardy, Xavier Cha, Brad Troemel, Alex Da Corte & Jayson Musson: