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Dawn Kasper

July 01 — July 14

Dawn Kasper is a visual artist working across genres of performance, installation, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, and sound. Kasper’s work often improvisational emerges out of an obsessive need to research topics of ritual, origin myth, existentialism, subjects of vulnerability, desire, and the construction of meaning. BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University (‘99). MFA, University of California, Los Angeles. Her work addresses relentless obsessive fascinations with topics such as connectivity, desire, process, and meaning. Kasper performs in a calculated yet spontaneous manner, using props to punctuate her actions. Organizationally structured after chapters in a book or a photographic series, Kasper works systematically and serially. Her work is comprised of performance, photography, collage, sculpture, drawing, sound, and installation. The environments she performs in provide the forum for an open-air laboratory of thought. She ritualizes her performance environments with color lighting, scent and sound, then crescendos into a monologue or story culminating into a sculptural installation environment that illustrate findings on being and process that expose a caricature of artistic practice to the audience. The results are open, magical, and spontaneous

Photo Credit: Maria Baranova

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