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Assume Astro Vivid Focus

June 23 — July 06

The Franco-Brazilian duo asssume vivid astro focus (avaf) formed by Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson is best known for their complex and profuse, exuberant and joyful multimedia installations, which have been taking over galleries, museums and public spaces for over fifteen years. The recycling of high art and popular culture has long guided the two artists in their quest for a form rendering fluid identities in their perpetual reinvention— that of the museum object (unique pieces, video loops, digital files, performances, spatial arrangements); that of the exhibition format (in-situ, retrospectives, commercial spaces, interactions with the public); and that of the duo itself (which works sometimes anonymously under the avaf alias, sometimes affirming the specificity of each of its two members).

Photo Credit: Peter Ash Lee

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