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The Invasion of the Cyclops Trannies

Friday, July 4, 2014
12:00PM—4:00PM EDT
The Beach near Cedar Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Eli Sudbrack
Opening on Independence Day, Eli Sudbrack from assume vivid astro focus (avaf) will present his BOFFO Fire Island Art Camp residency project at the beach. Throughout the weekend avaf will erect a tent on the beach by Cedar Walk where drawing workshops will be held. The tent’s customized structure showcases a body of work that continues avaf's projects like Homocrap #1 (MOCA LA, 2005) and Cyclop Trannies (Suzanne Geiss, 2011). Inspired by the evolving debates on gay politics and broader critical positions in relation with the contemporary political situation, avaf has collected imagery that documented different moments––Tom Cruise’s fundamentalist, scientologist rants and supposed repressed homosexuality, Bush’s Administration absurdity, increasing visibility of transgender politics and the problematics of mainstream women’s representation––and blended them into colorful, extravagant landscapes inhabited by characters of their own creation. avaf will bring into the tent a series of black and white "prints" for participants to color together. Sudbrack will also be sketching cyclops trannies drawings on their monograph's pages for people to paint on.

The Invasion of the Cyclops Trannies by assume vivid astro focus will take place at beach near Cedar Walk on Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 4th through the 6th, between 12PM and 4PM. avaf’s installation includes a 10 by 20 ft handpainted tent, a drawing exhibition, and the color-a-thon workshop.

The Fire Island Invasion takes place every year on July 4th, in remembrance of a time in 1976 when a legendary drag queen was denied access to a local business in The Pines. Now a parade of hundreds of drag queens and drag kings disembarking from a ferry in the harbor to the welcoming music and cheers of thousands, The Invasion is an example of the power of transformation and freedom that LGBTQ people posses to unite communities in celebrating their diversity.