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Aug 13 — Aug 14

BOFFO Performance Festival Fire Island 2022

BOFFO PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL FIRE ISLAND 2022, in collaboration with OCDChinatown returns for its eighth year over the weekend of August 13 & 14! Join us in The Pines, on the beach at Fishermans Path for two days of thought-provoking performance, music, and dance as a multitude of artists and performers engage the island’s unique social and geographic context.

This year’s festival features a stimulating constellation of artists that form a Symposium of queer art and performance. BOFFO is proud to welcome: BEARCAT, Gage of the Boone, J. Bouey, Dia Dear, Tess Dworman, devynn emory, Vinson Fraley, NIC Kay, Keioui Keijaun Thomas, Macy Rodman, Jonah Almost, Sausha De La Ossa, and Fashion LaBeija to this year’s festival. Artists Maxi Hawkeye Canion, Fernando Casablancas, Kyle Kidd, and reed rushes will take part in a collaborative performance, fostering an exchange of ideas and practices that align with the hybridity of the Symposium’s heterogeneous space.

In keeping with BOFFO’s mission of supporting experimental art and fostering dynamic social environments, artist/curator Richard Kennedy with guest curator Nia Nottage and associate curator Josie Bettman cultivate a space for exchanging ideas that draws upon aesthetic practices that unfold within clubs, parties, and nightlife spaces that have undergone flux and transformation over recent years. They cite the information collectively held within these queer and trans community spaces, celebrating nightlife’s innovative role in the development of institutional art spaces and thinking. This August, these forms come together to craft a performance space from sky, sand, and water.