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Math Bass & Lauren Davis Fisher

July 23 — August 06

Math Bass (b. 1981, New York, NY, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans across painting, performance, sculpture, and video. Throughout the work of Math Bass, recognizable forms appear and yet turn abstract, becoming shapes rather than signifiers, like shadows manipulated by the sun. Repetition is used as a tool to foreground these forms as part of a visual lexicon Bass has been developing over the last several years in the Newz! series — where forms and symbols exist in a multitude of perspectives and (re)interpretation — suggesting the possibility of mutable meaning. Though graphic in the flatness of the forms, there is a crispness and lightness to Bass’s geometric abstraction–thin layers of opaque paint are delicately applied to the raw canvas. In their artistic practice, the artist explores breaking down the common boundaries found within the medium(s) and modes of presentation in order to actively engage the viewer in both surreal and everyday ways. Lauren Davis Fisher is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist. Fisher has performed and exhibited at Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA, Disjecta, Portland, OR, RK Projects, NYC, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA, Blutenweiss Gallery, Berlin, Germany, PS1, NYC, The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, The Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI, and Fringe Fest, New Orleans, LA. She received a BA from Brown University in 2007

Project Description

During their BOFFO Residency Math and Lauren focusd on writing, drawing, and recording work for a future performance collaboration with others. They also presented a mellow dinner theatre event.

Photo Credit: Lauren Davis Fisher by Jeff Vespa and Math Bass by Steven Taylor