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Jacques Servin

July 20 — August 02

Jacques Servin is an internationally known media artist and writer, and co-founder and co-director of the Yes Men and the Yes Lab. His last position was as Visiting Associate Arts Professor at NYU, where he also directs the Critical Tactics Lab. Servin is the author of two collections of short stories, and has published numerous articles and stories internationally; his software art pieces have been featured in numerous exhibitions. As Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men, he has starred in the documentary hit The Yes Men, and co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced, and co-starred in the award-winning feature documentaries The Yes Men Fix the World and The Yes Men Are Revolting, which debuted theatrically at IFC on June 9. Servin’s individual and collective work with the Yes Men has appeared in the Whitney Biennial, the Venice Biennale, ARS Electronica, and many other art venues. In 2013, Servin designed and co-launched the Action Switchboard, a platform to facilitate creative activist projects worldwide.

Photo Credit: Andy Bichlbaum

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