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House of Ladosha

June 24 — July 08

The House of Ladosha is a collective exploration of the “house” philosophy popularized by ballroom culture. As a group of like-minded artists, they explore conceptual & social constructs and relate to them via their individual ethnic, racial, sexual and gender identities.The house puts self-expression via social media on the same level as more traditional mediums including photography, video, painting, music and performance.


Cunty Crawford Ladosha (Adam Radakovich), Neon Christina Ladosha (Christopher Udemezue), Paws Off Ladosha (Riley Hooker), Magatha Ladosha (Michael Magnan), La Fem Ladosha (Antonio Blair), and YSL Ladosha (Yan Sze Li), DeSe Escobar, Marquale Ashley, and Bailey Stiles.

Image Credit: BHQF