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Ashland Mines (Total Freedom)

July 14 — August 03

Ashland Mines, a multidisciplinary artist known for his DJ and production work under the name Total Freedom, is based in New York. Mines is a founding member of Los Angeles music label Fade to Mind, has been a structural voice in New York's Gh20G0th1K parties, and has turned heads as music director for NY fashion brands Telfar and Hood By Air. Known for exploiting the dichotomy between his two titles Artist and DJ, he often finds ways to make fruitful trouble for both. Mines was the creative director of the Anthem project for the 9th Berlin Biennale. He performed his Black Identity Extremist work entitled Pit Saint at the inaugural Ghost2561, Bangkok in 2018. He was part of Arca's ensemble and creative team for the week-long Mutant; Faith performance residency at the Shed in 2019. Recently Mines developed a 5-hour durational piece with artists Boychild and Josh Johnson, Untitled Duet (the storm called progress), performed at the closing of Gropius Bau's Ritual of Care performance series. He has created popular concept club nights such as LA's WILDNESS and later Grown.

Photo Credit: Sam Clarke

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