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Spring Benefits

Anti-Narcissists Ball 2017

May 24

ANTI-Narcissists Ball

The Narcissists Ball is the annual BOFFO Spring Benefit. The original concept and title of the event was based on an auction format where collectors could have their portrait commissioned by over 30 artists a year. We no longer feel comfortable using the term Narcissists to refer to our friends and supporters, but we are happy to propose a stance against Narcissism, especially whenever it promotes hatred and discrimination. The ANTI-Narcissists Ball is a self love affair of epic proportions that brings together our creative community for an evening of splendor. In response to some of the disrespectful language and actions the current American political administration has directed towards Mexico, we believe it is important come together and celebrate the amazing contributions Mexicans have made to culture. This spring, join us to celebrate Pia Camil, Enrique Norten, Raul de Nieves and salute Pablo Leon de la Barra along with other great artists, architects, and designers from Mexico who shape our community through their creativity. With our 2017 partners Milagro, Pro Mexico, the Consulate General of Mexico, we’ll celebrate diversity and inclusion without boundaries, across borders. The benefit will take place on May 24 with a dinner, cocktails, auction, music, and an honoree program. There will also be an intimate reception at the private residence of Mexican Ambassador, Diego Gómez Pickering on May 8.

Saluting: Pablo Leon de la Barra

Toasts: Faris Al-Shathir, K8 Hardy, Marc Kushner Carl Swanson, Margot Norton,

Benefit Chairs: Elizabeth Owens and Nissa Botthoff