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Past Programs

Objective Affection

Sep 20 — Oct 20

BOFFO is proud to present its first exhibition, Objective Affection, from September 20 – November 20, 2009 at One Brooklyn Bridge Park.. Featuring live performances by Michael Alan and the Draw-a-Thon Theater, Coco Dolle, Andres Laracuente, MgM Grand and Damaris Drummond. BOFFO toasted its New York debut with an electrifying preview reception attended by over 1,000 of the city's most exciting curators, gallerists, artists and art afficianados.


BOFFO’s maiden exhibition, Objective Affection, explores the influence of objects in contemporary culture. The exhibition showcases the work of over 100 emergent and established artists and designers including Terence Koh, Caraballo-Farman, Jason Tomme, Efecum Kutuk, Tom Fruin, Josh Owen, Erin Fetherston, as well as designers from Areaware and Kikkerland. Through a wide variety of multi-disciplinary media including graphic design, visual art, performance, fashion, video, architecture and industrial design, the exhibition juxtaposes a mass of independent voices from artists of all ages, backgrounds and interests as a representation of the our universal similarities and individualities that are established through objects. The exhibition will be open Thursdays – Sundays from 11 am – 7 pm, and by appointment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It will also feature live performances by the Draw-a-Thon Theater on select dates. Coinciding with the show, BOFFO will curate a conceptual consignment shop that offers personal items from Objective Affection participants that have greatly influenced their featured work and artistic point of view. The exhibition and consignment shop will take place along the historic Brooklyn waterfront in the 14,000 square foot galler

Artist: Lindsey Adams Adelman, Michael Alan, Matthew Ames, Jessica Angel, ARE AWARE, Harry Allen, Paul Koh, Kelly Lamb, Josh Owen, Thorsten Van Elten, David Weeks, Hima B., Julia Baum, Michael Berens, BLAND / Willoughby & Coleman, Robert Boyd, Laura Braciale, Ben Thorp Brown, Tom Butch,Caraballo-Farman, K. T. Anthony Chan & Aaron Jezzi, Travis Childers, Hugo Crosthwaite, Lucas Cwojdzinski, Coco Dolle, Jade Doskow, Patrick Doyle & Revel Woodard, Damaris Drummond, Neil Enggist, Victoria Fang / Interactive Spaces, Conor Fields, Melissa Fleming, Simone Frazier, Tom Fruin, FUZ Farm / Josh Jakus, Patrick Gavin, Jes Gettler, Elizabeth Graeber, Max Greis, Chris Habana, Kelsey Harrington, Eric Hollender, Heather Huey, Daniel Jeff ries, Mark Thomas Johnson / Bionic Egg, Glenn Jufer, Ken & Dana Design, Ufuk Keskin & Efecem Kutuk,, KIKKERLAND, Chris Collicott, Chico Bicalho, David Dear, Colin Kilian, Jordan Kleinman, Lara Knutson, Sukmo Koo, Alexandra Kuechenberg, Matthew Lane, Peter Lapsley, Yen-Hua Lee, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, John C. Manion, Mario Marchese, Amber Martin, Andrew Mau, David S. Mellen, Catherine Merrick, MGM Grand, J. S. Mildenberg, Janelle Norton, Chris Oh, Yuka Otani, Chloe Paganini, Katie Parker & Guy Michael Davis, Jean Pelle, Zena Verda Pesta, Jennifer Poueymirou, Adam Razak, Caris Reid, Ron Rocco, Stanley Ruiz, Erin Ryan, Colin Schleeh, Andrew Schles, Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich, David B. Smith, Orlando Soria, Junko Sugimoto, Jennifer Sullivan, Peggy Tan, Frank Tell, Simon Tepas, Lauren V. Tickle, Jason Tomme, Timothy Van Beke, Blake Jamison Williams, Gregor Wynnyczuk, Bohyun Yoon