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♥Like: A BOFFO Instagram Project

Like: A BOFFO Instagram Project Five new commissioned projects made especially for Instagram Debuting September 15 on @boffo_ny, with a new project every Monday. Like: A BOFFO Instagram Project brings together artists who have made or adapted work specifically for Instagram, bearing in mind its constraints and possibilities, and considering the platform as a medium that has transformative effects on how we understand, approach, and interact with images.

Over a period of five weeks, participating artists will release new bodies of work via Instagram. A different artist will debut each week, taking over BOFFO’s Instagram account for 5 days. What they do with the account, if anything, is up to each artist. This project will explore the possibilities of a social media art that encompasses video, photography, and text within tight temporal and spatial parameters, exploring the nominally public space of Instagram as a viable (if highly contested) space for artistic experimentation. These artists are using Instagram to inventive ends: to disrupt otherwise seamless flows of images, to highlight dissonances of everyday life and its distorted representations, to explore the fraught tendency of digital self-archiving, or to otherwise promote a critical politics. Through this commission series,

BOFFO aims to support dialogue about the possibilities and potentials of the intersection of art and social media. The launch of these artists’ projects on Instagram is intended to challenge users to engage with critical art amidst the rest of their feeds, and to challenge infrequent or non-users of social media to “sign on” and consider the possibilities of an art that is native to this platform.