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Young Boy Dancing Group

Friday, August 2, 2019
6:30PM—9:00PM EDT
601 Tuna Walk, Fire Island Pines, 11782, NY
Young Boy Dancing Group

Young Boy Dancing Group (YBDG) was initiated in 2014 as a mercurial dance collective with no name and an ongoing alternating cast. The group was named in 2016. YBDG collaborates with local performers in each of their presentations. YBDG critically deals with modes of dance production, digital culture, institutionalization, and authenticity often referring to Elaine Sturtevant. In addition to video, fashion, and sculpture, live performance is at the core of YBDG’s work. The performances are often structured improvisations influenced by post-apocalyptic scenery, acrobatics, posthumanism, and DIY aesthetics and methods. YBDG, by its nature, has a queer identity and follows sex positive guidelines. YBDG intends to create a space where the performers’ freedom can be explored while simultaneously challenging heteronormative imagery. YBDG refuses to title their singular performances; rather titles are the year of each presentation. The performances are ongoing developments: re-using elements from past performances while experimenting with new material. Sophia Young Park is a visual and performance artist who incorporates materiality as a narrative tool to explore ideas in sexuality-gender, fantasy, displacement, and warfare. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Performers: Manuel Scheiwiller, Maria Metsalu, Nicolás Rosés Ponce, Imma Asher, Gabriella Alexis, Sophia Park