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Water Sports; or Insignificant White Boys

Saturday, June 22, 2019
12:00PM—2:00PM EDT
252 Bay Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Jeremy O. Harris, Ken Barnett, Alex Fialho, Sal Walker, Avon Haughton, Alexander Paris
It's July 5, 2015 and tomorrow James Baldwin will depart for the MacDowell Colony where he plans on writing his "homosexual tome" entitled Giovanni's Room but first he has to make brunch with Robert Mapplethorpe because their guests are about to arrive. In this new immersive work of autofiction, the author delves deep into his own psyche to discover what it means to be "fluid" and how one begins the work of decolonizing their desire.

Photo credit: Matthew Leifheit

Actors: Jeremy O. Harris, Ken Barnett, Avon Haughton, Alex Fialho, Sal Walker, Alexander Paris