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Untitled Work in Progress

Saturday, June 22, 2019
9:30PM—11:00PM EDT
635 Fire Island Blvd, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Untitled Work in Progress became Black Exhibition, which premiered at the Bushwick Starr Fall 2019.

Written by and starring Mr. O. Harris, Black Exhibition is an hour-long experimental choreopoem developed with the support of BOFFO during Jeremy’s BOFFO Residency Fire Island. The work is described as an attempt “to look at a queer black male psyche through the lens of literary influences,” staged at the “intersection of industrial Berlin and the natural landscape of Fire Island.”

Black Exhibition interrogates the limits of vulnerability, the risk of honesty, and the security of anonymity. By asking the audience to be explicit voyeurs of an artist’s exhibitionism, @GaryXXXFisher through a mining of transgressive texts both found and written hopes to awaken his audience to the true price of exposing oneself.

Gaze upon the choreopoetic inner workings of @GaryXXXFisher and his friends- just know you’ll have to pay. @GaryXXXFisher is only here for his fans. Even so, he’s right there…in the dark recesses of your mind. He’s right there…in the trauma you thought you’d left behind. He’s right there…erect, at attention, and hurting. He’s right there…in your pocket…Gary with Kathy, Sam, & Micheal around a table. Perhaps Yukio will join as well.