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Saturday, July 8, 2023
4:00PM—7:00PM EDT
252 Bay Walk
Fire Island Pines, NY
BOFFO presents Tomato Bar by Hugh Hayden. Culinary installations have long been a part of Hugh Hayden's artistic practice. Exploring the impact of communal dining on the social fabric of Fire Island, as well as themes in the queer classic “I Love Lucy”, Hayden has crafted Tomato Bar. This presentation, an invitation to the communal and the outlandish, expands upon his ongoing interactive installation series on Fire Island.

Lucy (Lucille Ball) gets knee-deep in grapes as she tests the patience of a professional grape stomper at one of Italy’s finest vineyards in the I Love Lucy episode “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” 1956. For Tomato Bar, Ryan McNamara & John activate a custom bar designed and built by Hugh Hayden. Instead of grapes, tomatoes are stomped to batch fresh bloody mary’s while enjoying bay views.

Past culinary invitations from Hayden have dared the viewer-turned-participant to reevaluate their relationship to their surroundings by prompting food as a point of exchange in an extravagant setting. Expanding on such provocations, Hayden’s site-specific Tomato Bar invites island residents and visitors to enjoy “hand”-made Bloody Mary cocktails and merriment in a domestic residence.