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Three Slices of Pie

Saturday, June 21, 2014
5:00PM—7:30PM EDT
533 Sail Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Raul de Nieves
Raul de Nieves' art performance “Three Slices of Pie” is based on story of three characters and their journeys (The Human, The Fool, and The Spirit) experiencing reality from alternate perspectives. Each character tells a different story about the ground where they are baking the pie. The Human is the constant quest of finding ourselves and what we experience through our travels in life and the search for beauty. The Fool is both the beginning and the end, neither and otherwise, betwixt and between. He travels with a sack on his shoulder containing a variety of mysterious tools with bizarre purposes. The Spirit seeks out the limits of experience during his ultimate quest for union with the absolute. He is the representation of the magical cleverness that lurks beneath the faculties of logic and reason. He possesses the childlike ability to tap into the secret machinations of reality and manipulate them to extraordinary heights. Raul worked In Fire Island Pines for two weeks cleaning the beach area, where he found layers of human consumption objects digged onto the ground. As if they are telling a story of years of visitors in the Island. The experience is sublime and searching (digging) becomes obsessive.

The performance took place on the ocean beach area close to BOFFO’s home at 533 Sail Walk, Fire Island Pines at 6 PM. There was a cocktail reception at 5 PM where the audience gathered and walked to the location of the performance on the Beach. The performance included narrative, poetry, live acoustic music and hand crafted ornamental clothing.