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Suspiria and Phantom of the Paradise Film Screening

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
8:30PM—12:00AM EDT
The Pool Deck, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Join BOFFO and artist-in-residence Alexandro Segade and Malik Gaines for our weekly film screening.


Synopsis: An American newcomer to a prestigious German ballet academy comes to realize that the school is a front for something sinister amid a series of grisly murders.

Dir. Dario Argento

Phantom of the Paradise

Synopsis: A disfigured composer sells his soul for the woman he loves so that she will perform his music. However, an evil record tycoon betrays him and steals his music to open his rock palace, The Paradise.

Dir. Brian de Palma

In conjunction with  Alexandro Segade and Malik Gaines BOFFO Residency Fire Island