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Sunday, September 17, 2023
11:00AM—7:00PM EDT
Carrington House
(Enter from Ocean Walk & Sandy Walk in The Pines)
Fire Island Pines, NY
Join BOFFO for Nash Glynn's exhibition Summer Forever at Carrington House. Open weekends from Sept. 2 - Sept. 17, 11am - 6pm.

Nash Glynn’s Summer Forever will be on view at Carrington House through September 17th, open Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6pm and by appointment.

Opening reception is Saturday, Sept. 2 from 5 – 7 PM at Carrington House (enter from Ocean Walk and Sandy Walk in The Pines).

On Saturday, September 2nd, 2023, Nash Glynn will present three new paintings in an exhibition at the iconic Carrington House in the Fire Island Pines. The exhibition, Summer Forever, brings together works inspired by Glynn’s time on the island and during her residency with BOFFO.

The works in Summer Forever position Carrington House as a stage. The space is not only used by Glynn as a location to create her reference material, but also as a space for private, reflective play that unlocks a connection to the histories of Fire Island held within the house. Glynn’s paintings echo explorations of the self within the space, and by extension Fire Island, allowing for a series of imagined realities. These realities are inherently personal and consider ponderings of freedom close to heart.

Influenced by the extended stretch of time she’s spent on the island, Glynn’s Summer Forever hints at the utopian aspirations one experiences while on Fire Island, coupled with a feeling that time moves in a different way here. While on the island, one is able to live in the moment and feel time stretch seemingly without end. While on the island, it feels like summer will last forever.