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Selection of Short Films

Thursday, September 2, 2021
8:30PM—10:30PM EDT
Whyte Hall, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Join BOFFO and Lola Flash for our weekly screening of Texas Strong, Cheryl Dunye's The Owls, Liz en Septiembre, and Out Again

Trans In America: Texas Strong (2018): An intimate portrait of Kimberly and Kai Shappley: a mother rejecting her community’s beliefs as her 7-year-old transgender daughter navigates life at school, where she’s been banned from the girls’ bathroom.

Dir. Daresha Kyi

The Owls (2010): Ten years ago The Screech was the hottest girl band around, but the wild times have taken their toll and obscurity beckons. Iris drinks too much and dreams of that big comeback. MJ is her ex, but they’re still inseparable.

Dir. Cheryl Dunye

Liz en Septiembre (2013): A terminally ill lesbian (Patricia Velasquez) bonds with a woman who lost her son to cancer.

Dir. Fina Torres

Out Again: Cat visits her parents for the weekend and is confronted with her mother’s inability to remember one key detail about her life.

Dir. Robin Cloud

In conjunction with Lola Flash’s BOFFO Residency Fire Island.