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River Already Flows

Thursday, November 5, 2015
7:00PM—9:00PM EDT
559 Ocean Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Tara Jane O'Neil, Jmy James Kidd
Please join us for Tara Jane and Jmy James Kidd for River Already Flows and to celebrate the ending of a beautiful summer filled with art and experimentation at the BOFFO Residency Fire Island in the Fire Island Pines.

On Saturday, September 5, as the conclusion of this summer’s edition of the BOFFO Residency Fire Island, Session VI’s artists in residence Tara Jane O’Neil and Jmy James Kidd will perform a version of their project River Already Flows, a series of site-specific collaborative performances using Somatic Listening performance technique. After spending two weeks at the BOFFO House, the artists will share a sonoric and movement interpretation of their explorations of the visual, sensorial and acoustic landscapes of Fire Island. Using improvisational techniques with composed music and dance scores, O’Neil and Kidd weave through moments on the space/time continuum, inviting the audience to participate in the silence of the space created by their music and movement interactions. This performance technique, Somatic Listening, is a structure Kidd and Jane have developed over 4 years, inspired by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Band, which recorded its first album in a cistern. The technique inspires non-judgmental listening and environmental sounding, stretching the boundaries of performer, listener, composer, space, structure, and mind-body.