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Rein­augu­ration of Bridge to Lust, Love, & Carnal Pleasure

Saturday, July 20, 2019
4:00PM—6:00PM EDT
The Meat Rack, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Follow the signs, Feel your way
Rasmus Myrup, Octave Perrault, Charles Teyssou
Cruising Pavilion will renovate and reinaugurate a bridge originally built in 1980 in the Meat Rack which has deteriorated over time. “The Bridge to Lust, Love & Carnal Pleasure” was named and repaired in 1995 by Kent C. Dillon. It will now be given a third life.

“Cocksuckers and asseaters of the world, unite! Let’s invade woods, parking lots, and cinemas as a roaming sexual mass. Let’s sculpt trees into bouquets of dildos, use corporate towers as pole dance bars, and public benches as sex beds. We want to be rid of sexual segregation. We want to be rid of the categories of man and woman, gay and straight, top and bottom, twink and twank. The world is our Meat Rack and not the other way around. We are the horny 99% fighting against the commercialization of our pleasure, the rigidification of our sexual fantasies and the bureaucratization of our bodies. The complexity of our desires cannot be divided in a Manhattan grid or plowed by Haussmannian avenues. “We can no longer stand by idly while we are robbed of our mouths, our anuses, our sexual members, our guts, our veins.” (To Destroy Sexuality, Guy Hocquenghem)