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O MOON, O PINES Women of the pines Portrait Painting

Saturday, August 25, 2012
12:00PM—2:00PM EDT
The beach at Beach Hill, Fire Island Pines. NY 11782
Women of the Pines are invited on the Half Moon to sit for oil painting portraits.

TM Davy writes, “Fire Island is a mystical place to me, rich in history and ghosts, filled with queer, lusty, intuitive strangers. A moonless night in its forest is the strangest dark I can remember, everything a face in shadow. The moon is full twice this August, and it speaks not unlike the sun to Frank O’Hara, metaphorically and true. In my stay in the Pines, I want to pursue a variety of projects that draw playful connections between our presences there, encounters and space, possibilities and pasts, the mystic and actual. I want to ’embrace things, people, earth, sky, stars….'”