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New Music on Fire Island

Sunday, July 8, 2012
11:30AM—1:00AM EDT
Fire Island Pines Harbor, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Amir Shpilman, David Whitwel, Bert Hill, Kate Amrine, Maya Bennardo, Hannah Levinson, Jordan Dudson, David Whitwel, Roberta Michel, Domenica Fossati, Sean Statser, Nadav Lev, Claire Chase
As guests of the BOFFO Residency Fire Island, which aims to foster a diverse positive cultural influence within the Fire Island Pines community, Ensemble Moto Perpetuo presents a series of contemporary chamber music performances. Aimed at breaking off of tradition yet respect the history of classical music, the pieces programed in this series represent the diversity and freedom that innovative creation and imporvisation brings. All EMP members are avid improvisers. To us, improvisation represent the personal connection between the performers, their deepest inspirations and an ability to connect free intuition with structure and form. For this project EMP members came together in small groups to rehearse here at Pines in the house of Michael Bolla at 160 Ocean Walk. This series is a representation of unconventional ways of musical thinking and hope to challenge our ordinary views and habits.

Performances occur the weekend of  July 7th and July 8th starting at 11:30 AM. Claire Chase will give the final performance at 160 Ocean Drive on July 14th at 11:30.