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Modern Masterpieces: A Mid-Century Tour of Fire Island Pine

Saturday, August 24, 2013
11:15AM—1:30PM EDT
Fire Island Pines Harbor, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Christopher Rawlins
The Pines is a community that looks like no other, yet how did it become this way? After modest beginnings in the ‘50’s, a talented roster of architects emerged to create an architecture as distinctive as its inhabitants. Harry Bates, Earl Combs, and the prolific Horace Gifford led the way, abetted by inspired cameos from Arthur Erickson, Andrew Geller, Marcel Bretos, James McCloud, and Don Page. While each pursued different forms, all shared the belief that life at the beach should be carefree as well as maintenance-free. Gone were the painted surfaces, clipped lawns, and all the brute force associated with maintaining the typical suburban home. Naturally-weathering cedar and redwood pavilions in a riot of shapes established our signature architecture. Yet for all of their sculptural purity, these homes offered a relaxed and sensual ambience that resonated with weekenders attired in nothing more than a bikini and Bain de Soleil. The Stonewall generation artfully and gently colonized a fragile landscape. For like most beautiful things, the Pines is an easily marred countenance. When confronted by an aggressive fence, or a steroidally bloated house, or a renovation that obliterates the finer aspects of the original, I worry that the Pines has lost its way. This inaugural, guided tour of mid-century homes is a call to action that aims to unlock our history, rethink our priorities, and honor homeowners who have maintained the integrity of their vintage properties.

Tours take place Saturday ( Aug. 24 & 31 ) and  Sunday ( Aug. 25 & Sept.1 ). Meet at the Fire Island Pines Harbor.

552 Beachcomber Walk
Architect: Horace Gifford, 1969
Current Owner: James Cashel and James Johnso

274 Bay Walk
Architect: Harry Bates, 1967 (Bates himself will join us for a tour on 8/24!)
Current Owner: Bruce Bromley

214 Beach Hill Walk
Architect: Don Page, 1962. Restoration Architect: Rawlins Design, 2013
Current owners: Michael Crisafulli and Morton Newburgh

266 Bay Walk
Architect: Horace Gifford, 1968
Current Owner: Charles Andrews

 616 Shore Walk
Architect: Marcel Bretos, 1971
Current Owners: Brent Sikkema and Daniel Garcia

632 Fire Island Boulevard
Architect: James McCleod, c.1970
Current owner: Dennis Di Lorenzo 

547 Beachcomber Walk
Architect: Andrew Geller, 1958-61 Restoration Architect: Larson and Paul Architects, 2006
Current Owner: Philip Monaghan

252 Bay Walk
Architect: Horace Gifford, 1972-75
Current Owners: Richard Winger and Michael Lucas

519 Porgie Walk
Architect: Horace Gifford, 1963 Restoration Architect: Bromley Caldari Architects PC, 1983
Current Owners: Scott Bromley and Tony Imapvido