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Sunday, August 27, 2023
6:00PM—8:00PM EDT
231 Bay Walk
Fire Island Pines, NY
As a part of her residency Nash Glynn will co-direct a short play, Henri. Join BOFFO for cocktails starting at 6pm. The play starts promptly at sunset which is 7:33pm. The play runs approximately 20 min.

,Henri, written by Hari Nef & Joseph Teeling, is a farewell letter that sparks discord on a remote island. Two women dialogue on love, loss and licentiousness. A bird, a bottle, and a hole dissemble the void shrieking between points on aline. Why don’t you come and see if it’s fun?

Dory – Hari Nef
Fiffany – Erin Markey
Hole – Josie Bettman
Gong – Nash Glynn
Sound/Lighting – ADR
Directed – Nash Glynn & Joseph Teeling
Costumes by Vaquera