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Marlon Riggs & Rashid Johnson THURSDAY FILMS

Thursday, August 12, 2021
8:30PM—10:30PM EDT
Whyte Hall, 577 Fire Island Boulevard, Fire Island Pines, NY, 11782
Join BOFFO and Kiyan Williams for our weekly screening

Films by Marlon Riggs

Anthem (1991) 9 min.

Marlon Riggs’ experimental music video politicizes the homoeroticism of African-American men. With sensual, sexual, and defiant images and words intended to provoke, Anthem reasserts the “self-evident right” to life and liberty in an era of pervasive anti-gay and anti-Black backlash and hysterical cultural repression.

Affirmations (1990) 10 min.

An exploration of Black gay male desires and dreams. Affirmations starts with an affectionate, humorous confessional and moves on to a wish for empowerment and incorporation.

Rashid Johnson’s The Hikers

This work expresses the psychological and physical consequences of life in the naturally challenging and too often unjust modern world. Featured in these performances are Lloyd Knight and Leslie Andrea Williams, members of the Martha Graham Dance Company, and pianist Antonie Baldwin. Directed by Rashid Johnson, Choreographed by Claudia Schreier, and Produced by Alex Ernst.

In conjunction with Kiyan Williams’ BOFFO Residency Fire Island.