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Sunday Sounds: DJ Alexis De La Rosa

Sunday Sounds
Sunday, May 26, 2024
3:00PM—6:00PM EDT
The Beach at Susan Walk
Fire Island Pines, NY
Come catch a vibe with DJ Alexis De La Rosa at Sunday Sounds, BOFFO’s premiere day party in the Pines serving live beats on the beach at Susan Walk by some of the most innovative DJs of the moment.

Sunday Sounds

Born and raised in New York City, Dominican DJ Alexis De La Rosa, also known as DELABAE, embodies the vibrant and eccentric pulse of the city’s dance floors. With an unwavering passion for the underground dance music scene, Alexis has transported crowds with his groundbreaking mixes and exhilarating performances at iconic venues like Nowadays, Elsewhere, Paragon, and Bossa Nova Civic Club.