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Colin Self Docking

Saturday, August 8, 2015
10:00AM—12:00PM EDT
533 Sail Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 17782
A guided walk led via audio programming, which participants listen to on smartphones or mp3 players. DOCKING is about arrivals and departures: how we mediate our arrivals in relationships and experiences, and the ways in which we choose to leave things behind. Participants are encouraged to bring an object that represents something they want to leave behind in life, and a willingness to return as someone new.

Begins at 533 Sail Walk; 60 minutes; involves light physical activity

Listen to the audio here

Materials Include:

Excerpt from Dev Hynes 5/15/15 W/

excerpt from Matt Kahn “A Message To All Lightworkers”

The Art of Noise – Counterpoint, Roundabout 727 / Ransom In The Sand Excerpt from Diane di Prima

“Revolutionary Letters” and Ra Rise by Mono/Poly, from Chez

Deep – Dea Nova performance mix.

Owen Pallett “—–> [2]”

Colin Self – excerpt from “31 Functions” (Reconnisence)

d’Eon – Forever Beautiful Diane

Di Prima – Revolutionary Letters #59

Robert Ashley – excerpts from “Foreign Experiences” Nils Frahm

Says (Sea Side) – 吉村弘

Quinton Tarver – Everybody’s

Free KLF – excerpt from “Chill Out”

Prelude – After The Goldrush Excerpts from Kathy Acker

My Mother Spoke W/ Dev Hynes “5/15/15”