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BIG WHITE CLOUD Screening of Tony Cox’s Homonymous Film

Saturday, August 2, 2014
7:00PM—9:00PM EDT
635 Fire Island Boulevard, Fire Island Pines. NY 11782
White is the sand, hot under the feet of the wanderer in search for the right angle to portrait this beautiful landscape. White as the sparse clouds that cruise the sky in their way to the sunset, a sunset that will dye them pink before taking them in. The contrast of lights, of different lives that come together over this narrow piece of land, animals and plants, sensuality and retreat forming a kaleidoscope that BOFFO Residency Fire Island Session V’s Artist in Residence Tony Cox has been capturing during his time in The Pines. Through the lenses of his Nikon camera, casual beach encounters get photographed over unpredictable landscapes. Shooting in 35mm film and using the technique of the double exposure ––photographing twice over the same frame two images overlay, creating new atmospheric takes through time and space––the artist operates as a facilitator, creating yet new rendezvous on the negative plate. After two weeks of observation and compiling, Cox has processed and digitized a selection of his Fire Island work and twisted it once more, transforming it into a short film: a small story about summer and its rituals, about the unique community that only takes place in The Pines. The artists has edited this series of frozen moments to John Cale’s 1970 classic song, Big White Cloud, whose title the Cox has borrowed to refer to his Fire Island days.

Tony Cox’s short film Big White Cloud will be screened on Saturday, August 2nd at 8:30PM at 635 Fire Island Boulevard in The Pines, NY, hosted by Charles Renfro and Alexander Galan. There will be a reception for the artist at the same location between 7 and 9PM. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.