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Actually, blue is not a warm color

Saturday, August 30, 2014
8:00PM—10:00PM EDT
63 Bay Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782
Kim Charles Kay, Clara López Menéndez, Jeanine Oleson
Saturday, August 30th, the last presentation of the 2014 season of BOFFO Residency Fire Island. Coinciding with Labor Day weekend we have a very special program featuring the work by our current Artist in Residence, Jeanine Oleson, and the presentation of a publication project by one of our former residents, Eve Fowler. The screening of Jeanine Oleson’s Actually, blue is not a warm color, is a recollection of the work the artist realized while in residency in The Pines. Inspired by a diversity of performative and cultural formats, such as opera, experimental filmmaking, baroque theater and atemporal witchcraft, Oleson's new work is slapstick video of gynocentric ritual starring Kim Charles Kay and Clara López Menéndez, and a series of indigo dyed fabrics. Drinks and light refreshments will be provided through the evening.

Actually, blue is not a warm color 2014, digital video, 10 mins

“A video made on Fire Island about the mundanity of life, making things with friends and mourning. I wanted to work in an intimate, seemingly unstructured way to aptly describe this time.”